MORE® Pure Clean Surface

Surface disinfection (ALCOHOL-FREE)

  • removes within seconds 99,998 % of bacteria and viruses (suspension test)
  • got a redox potential of >900 mV and thereby a sanitizing effect of a few seconds
  • is an ecological disinfectant to eliminate algea, bacteria, fungi, spurs and virus
  • registered with BauA N-93005


500 ml trigger bottle
5 l refill canister



Hyperchlorous acid is one of the three most effective disinfectants against the Corona Virus which eliminates >99,9 % within seconds (Analyses of „Journal of Hospital Infection“ Feb. 6th 2020).

MORE® Pure Clean Surface (GS 63303-57.2) supports to protect against infections and diseases.

Fast-acting oxidative-microbicidal disinfectant solution.

Per 100 g

Water min. 99,9 % I Hypochlorous acid (HCIO) max. 0,1 % (1000 ppm)


PT1 human hygiene
PT2 disinfectants and anti-algae agents
PT3 hygiene in the veterinary area
PT4 food and animal fodder area
PT5 drinking water
PT 12 anti-slime agents

For Surface disinfection, apply the liquid by trigger (spray) all over the surfaces concerned and wipe down disinfectant with a clean scarf.

More information

Technical data sheet (pdf)

Safety data sheet (pdf)

PILLARS for Dispenser

Stainless Steel Pillar

height 1290 mm
stand 300 x 300 mm

+ Laser Cut Lettering “DISINFECTION-SPRAY”

Wooden Pillar

height 1250 mm
stand 300 x 300mm
made from brushed solid wood

+ Laser Cut Lettering “DISINFECTION-SPRAY”


Photo by Mansour Kiaei on Unsplash

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