MORE® Pure Clean Liquid

Hand disinfection (ALCOHOL-FREE)

  • removes within seconds 99,998 % of bacteria and viruses (suspension test)
  • got a redox potential of >900 mV and thereby a sanitizing effect of a few seconds
  • is an ecological disinfectant to eliminate algea, bacteria, fungi, spurs and virus
  • registered with BauA N-93004


500 ml pump dispenser
5 l refill canister

MORE® dispenser 300 ml p-pouch


Hyperchlorous acid is one of the three most effective disinfectants against the Corona Virus which eliminates >99,9 % within seconds (Analyses of „Journal of Hospital Infection“ Feb. 6th 2020).

MORE® Pure Clean Liquid (GS 63303-57.1) supports to protect against infections and diseases.

Fast-acting oxidative-microbicidal disinfectant solution.

Per 100 g

Water min. 99,9 % I Hypochlorous acid (HCIO) max. 0,1 % (1000 ppm)


PT1 human hygiene
PT2 disinfectants and anti-algae agents
PT3 hygiene in the veterinary area
PT4 food and animal fodder area 
PT5 drinking water 
PT 12 anti-slime agents

For hand disinfection, apply to hands and rub until the solution has dried.

More information

Technical data sheet (pdf)

Safety data sheet (pdf)

PILLARS for Dispenser

Stainless Steel Pillar

height 1290 mm
stand 300 x 300 mm

+ Laser Cut Lettering “HAND-DISINFECTION”

Wooden Pillar

height 1250 mm
stand 300 x 300mm
made from brushed solid wood

+ Laser Cut Lettering “HAND-DISINFECTION”


Photo by Mansour Kiaei on Unsplash

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